Sunday, January 9, 2011

Molten Chocolate Lave Cake

2011 is off to a fantastic start. New job, new laptop, new blog post. But best off all, I now have the ultimate BEST connection to have in all of NYC. While out for a quick drink the other night, the craving for a molten chocolate lava cake hit. After deciding we would have to go to Chikalicious, I decided I should call first to confirm 1) that they were open and 2) that they actually still HAD lava cakes. (Earlier in the week I had made the terrible mistake of convincing a large group of friends to go only to find they were sold out of all the good dishes, but whatever. I forgive you Chikalicious.)

So I call while at the bar and ask him if they still have any. He tells me they probably do and then offers to check for me and says he will call me back. I figure he's like most food service people and will say probably and not REALLY check. But a minute later he calls back asking how many I would like to make sure. I attempt to let him know but the bar is loud and he can't hear. He hangs up. I figure he's probably annoyed. Not good. I go outside and call him back to apologize and not only is he SUPER nice, he goes above and beyond and offers to put them on hold for me. While on the phone I ALSO get a text from him saying "How many should I save for you? -Chikalicous." After hanging up I get, "2 lava cakes under the name "Amy". (I will forgive him for the typo) We will bake upon your arrival. Thank you!!!!!-Chikalicious." I text him back to thank him and he responds with a polite little, "You bet!". I was quite impressed by how nice this guy was and I now have even MORE love for Chikalicious. While walking to Chikalicious I got concerned that I had actually called the wrong number and some random was playing a prank on me because I was texting this guy's personal cell phone. (This is a prank I would probably consider doing if I ever got a call from some fatass calling to double check she could get two molten chocolate lava cakes at 11pm.) But no worries, it was totally legit. To top it off, the people that ordered after us in line wanted lava cakes and they were sold out! Ultimate winner. I was trying to figure out exactly which one I was on the phone with but it's still a bit of a mystery-all the more reason to text in my order again!

I urge you all to go there to try one and if you'd like me to request one to have ready upon arrival, you just shoot me a text. Props, Chikalicious. You get two thumbs up. Best. Connection. Ever.