Sunday, February 6, 2011


Whoops. I guess it's been a month since our last post. Those January doldrums (aka the never-ending mountains of snow and canyons of slush) really brought me down. I can't say I will miss this winter much. Carrying on with my goal to do more New York-y things, Ami and I tried Yoga to the People for the first time tonight. She may have had to bully me a little into going since I would have liked to stay lazy but I'm glad we joined the rest of the mostly NYU (with a sprinkling of Columbia) students intermingled with emaciated model-types whose bones popped out far too much to be okay. On the whole though, I enjoyed the class. The pace was awfully fast, and I clearly needed to brush up on my yoga terms prior to going, but a quick scan around the room helped me figure out exactly what anjaneyasana meant (the half moon pose/stretch?)

The elevated ceilings, exposed brick and soothing music all lead to a very zen feeling. Until we had to hold a pose for more than 5 seconds and my limbs started to wobble and and my breathing faltered. The nap at the end was a little short for my taste but they did have lovely Tibetan singing bowls that really resonated throughout the room. My new goal is to join in twice a week and actually manage to inhale and exhale properly considering breathing is the main point in yoga. In order to facilitate this I need to actually buy a yoga mat. Borrowing one of the communal mats is on a regular basis is just a little too smelly for me. And now I'll have a more legitimate excuse to buy cute yoga clothes, right?

We definitely need to post more often because we've been trying to do lots of funtivities and lately, actually succeeding at it. One word to get you to check back: crafternoon.

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