Thursday, September 6, 2012

Farewell Summer!

I have to say, this summer has been pretty legendary.  Seeing how it was my second summer as a workin' gal, but the first summer with semi normal hours, I took full advantage of my free time and the fabulous porch(es) attached to our apartment.  There is something wonderful about the freedom adulthood brings. My free time is truly mine, with no papers or studying looming over me.  I'm a huge proponent of the belief that there is plenty of time to sleep when you're dead.  While this has led to many struggle filled mornings at work (let's just say my Saturday morning shift is never pretty) my stories of the evenings before are well worth the sleep deprivation and only occasional alcohol headache. Between free outdoor classical concerts on the Charles at the Hatchshell, Shakespeare in the Park and training for a the first 5k and 10k (more on this later) of my life, the nights and occasional mornings have been action packed.  I got to actually go to Canada this year, and celebrated my return (I couldn't go last year due to my old job) by bringing seven friends with me.  Having fourteen people total was a first for Lackawanna Island and the guest cabin, and PB and Al had no idea what was coming. It was a first that will definitely be repeated.

Both the adults....
And kids (no matter how old we get, we'll always remain the "kids")  had a blast

After the summer I've had, September loomed with an increasing sense of bittersweetness.  There is something truly unique about the change in spirits and general demeanors of New Englanders after beeing cooped up all winter long and flip flop season begins.  To me, part of what makes summer so special is the very fact it doesn't last forever.  If I have to say goodbye to beach days, at least I can take comfort in the fact that pumpkin donuts and apple cider are just around the corner.  That being said, Labor Day has a funny way of sneaking up on me, but I feel very good about my farewell to summer this year.  My family decided to throw a traditional lobster bake for the first time. This proved to be a challenging endeavor but that did not slow my dad down.  He borrowed custom made racks from a friend (who knew such a thing existed??) recruited my brother for all the manual labor (who doesn't love digging 3'x3' holes at 7 AM on a Saturday morning?) and proceeded to stress out until the moment dinner was served.  No amount of internet research could have properly prepared us for all the hiccups we were to face, but I think all 18 guests would agree that undercooked potatoes and gritty steamers aside, the experience as a whole was a must repeat.  Dad's already done all the post-event YouTubing one could imagine to troubleshoot and prepare for LobsterFest 2013. 

The men braving the hot coals to ensure a properly prepared lobster bake

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