Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

One may think that my lack of posting is a reflection of my oh so busy life but I can't say that I've accomplished such monumental things like roadrunner Morgan over here. (It still shocks me that she now run races - and let's be honest, if it weren't for the photos, I would think she was just joshin' around.)

Morgan already covered the whole farewell summer post a few weeks back but now that we live apart and lead our own lives, I guess I'm entitled to steal her idea and do one of my own.  Summer feels like it really ended today as I wore a fall coat to work.  Anyway, I told myself I would really commit to traveling this summer (as much as my schedule would allow) and I managed to fit in quite a bit. My last trip was to Iceland - which is really an amazingly beautiful country and the trip was really a blast. I hate going on vacations and then trying to sum it all up because it never really does the trip justice so I won't recount stories here but I'm sure all you dear readers that I know in real life will hear them sooner or later.  As much as I do love summers in this city, I get really excited for the change over to autumnal activities and loads of pumpkin flavored things.  October will hopefully be filled with some apple/pumpkin picking (I need to get on my pumpkin carving game FAST as I'm planning on entering a carving competition soon), some maize maze action and lots of peppermint mochas (yes, I know that's winter-ish but I like to be one step ahead).  Oh and it should also be filled with Morgan visiting and now that I've publicly called her out on it, she better step up her game.

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